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Luke McDonnell, Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Cartoonist

Dan Bonacorsi, Software Consultant, Website Designer, and Photographer

Graphic Design, Illustration, Cartooning, web, photographic and editorial services
at our fingertips. Specializing in Bible Studies, Book reviews, Proposal Writing,
Short Stories and Novels, Poetry, and Academic Writing.

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Donna Conger D S White blog The Giving Tree Band
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The Global Good
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Cecil Washington Wiconi International Danny Ray Milligan
Robert Fleming

David Vaughan's Website and his Books

David Vaughan (website)

Books by David Vaughn, Nashville, TN.

1) No Revival: This book is an account from a visitation by the Holy Spirit proclaiming that there is nothing to revive. God is doing a new thing.

2) Interrupted Moments: This book is about interruptions in life that God uses to teach us to grow.

3) Full Armor: This book is an account of a 47-day fast where Jesus handed me a bomb and said, "eat it", and I did.

4) Do You Hear God? This book is a teaching on how to hear God, and is God hearing you.

5) Restoring The 8th Breach: This book is about the 8 breaches in history of David's Tabernacle of Music.

6) Theo.: This book is a journey into the incredible plan of God.

7) Promoting God: This book is how God promotes your music ministry.

8) A Quest For A Perfect Marriage: This book is my quest to discover a perfect marriage.

9) Discipleship Class Outline: This book is an outline dedicated to the teachings of Watchman Nee's "Spiritual Man" Vol. 1, 2, &3

10) Life Of The Son: This book is the life of Jesus from Genesis- Revelation.

11) Five Fold Ministry: This book is a teaching on Apostles, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher.

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