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Luke McDonnell

This page is dedicated to my beloved hubby, Luke McDonnell, who is an artist, cartoonist, graphic artist, comic book artist, and all around perfect person. It has some of his drawings. Other drawings can be found at his site . He's also on .

Other books he's illustrated can be found by clicking here.

Fantasy Hero

An illustrator painting of a macho hero. He's got some less macho men in oil around here but too much of a problem for me to get them uploaded here.


Fool -- Am not sure what company he was doing this for. Probably one of the kids' book company he and Yoe Studios work with. Maybe Scholastic.

The Incredible Shrinking Waistline

This was a poster made for a weight loss center with franchises across the country. It's a cool photo, but my favorite is a really neat metallic poster made against rape.

Christmas Card

Christmas Card. I forgot for what Christmas.

Seeds of Bible Study

Hubby did this for my Bible Study book.

Mother and Child

This was a quick drawing he did on the back of a Scott tissue. I think we used it as a Christmas Card.