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Who is Jesus Christ?

The Story of the Gospel

Gospel is a word often used by Christians when they speak. It is a word that has two meanings and these two meanings are closely related.

The meaning of the word gospel:

All the gospels were written to tell about the good news of Jesus Christ.

Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ lived more than 2000 years ago in Israel. At that time the country was called Palestine and the Romans had invaded the country. The gospels show Jesus healing the sick, raising the dead, and telling people about God's love. But for Christians, Jesus is more than a mere historical figure. Christians believe Jesus is:

What is the good news of Jesus Christ?

The good news of Jesus Christ is based on the following beliefs:

What the gospel is not

The gospel is not

Other Gods, prophets and religions:

Jesus told his followers that he is the only way to the father. Many people do not believe this. Some say this is narrow-minded and that all religions are equally true ways of getting to heaven. Some say that all religions say they are the only way. However,

No disrespect to Mohammed but Mohammed did not die for my sins. Nor does he seem to understand that the shedding of a blood sacrifice was necessary for the removal of sin because humans can never be holy enough to approach God.

No disrespect to Mohammed and Buddha but both died and were buried. God put his seal of approval on Jesus as the GREATEST and TRUEST prophet -- indeed, God showed that Jesus was more than a prophet by giving Jesus the power to raise Himself from the dead.

No disrespect to Mohammed and Buddha but Jesus alone had the power and authority to give his followers the power and authority to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, cleanse lepers, restore the lame, heal the broken-hearted, and to command the mountains, the winds, the waves, to obey them. Jesus had the authority to give others this authority because he is the ultimate authority: God, the son of God.

No disrespect to the followers of Mohammed and Buddha but however much faith they have in their prophet they cannot heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons. A Christian with faith can do this because he has the authority to do it and sickness and the demonic world recognizes the power of Christ working through a faithful Christian believer. And they flee at the authority.

No disrespect to Mohammed and Buddha but nowhere does it state that Mohammed and Buddha were manifested in order to destroy the works of the devil. Mohammed and Buddha give their followers an idea of what sin is and how humans should deal with their own sins. But they did not claim to destroy the devil's power, nor did they give power to their followers to destroy the devil in their names. But Jesus destroyed the devil's works: sickness, the power of sin over people, the power of demons. He broke their power over humans and gave humans the authority to destroy those demonic entities by faith in his name.

How do you become friends with God?

If you want to be reconciled to God and feel that something is separating you from him, say this prayer:

God, some people are so sure that you exist. Some people are so sure that you love them. They say that if we ask you for anything and mention Jesus to you, you will answer our prayer. Please God please let me know you in the way your son Jesus Christ does. Please let me understand everything about the Bible and about you and about Jesus. Please help me see that you have destroyed even the most powerful sin and that if you live in me that I will be able to conquer sin and all that sin does to my body, mind, and soul. Please let me understand your love, your care, and your power. Help me to trust in you and for the sake of Jesus and all Jesus did for humans, please forgive me of all my sins, free my soul and spirit from the damage sin has caused in my life and make me your true and obedient child. Amen. It's done.