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Strong Arm Studios is an affiliation of writers, artists, web-creators, programmers, and video producers. Formerly employed in regional and local businesses, graphic art studios, technical businesses, non-profit or governmental agencies, the affiliates of Strong Arm Studios are separate freelance entities who come together to make your creative or business project the best it can be.

The firm's principal contacts are:

Luke McDonnell  Graphic Artist, Cartoonist and Illustrator.

Carole McDonnell  Writer, Editor and Project Manager.

Dan Bonacorsi  Web Programming and Software Consulting.

Others who might help to meet your communications needs on occasion are just as notable in their areas of expertise.

In short: Strong Arm Studios is your liaison to all those --- including photographers, freelance accountant/designers, video experts, --- who will give your special projects the close attention they deserve.

There is an old saying: "If you don't speak your mind, who will?"

The affiliates of  Strong Arm Studios are experts in web design, software consulting, programming, online and printed media, logo design, graphic and digital illustration and video script-production.

We can help you to speak your mind effectively and creatively. We can:

Determine your corporate identity

Reach your sales prospects

Plan, manage, and carry out your customer, media, employee, government, investor or community relations


Many graphic art studios often ignore the little guy. And, if they do not, they often charge prices that small companies cannot afford. As a small business, we at Strong Arm Studios know how hard other small businesses work. We major in the minors. Together, we can do the best job for your company without charging you an arm and a leg. Here are a few examples of how we can help:

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